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Prevention Education Programs

The prevention programs focus on promoting protective factors—that is, the characteristics of a student’s environment that can support healthy and positive youth development. These protective factors can be implemented at a student’s home, community, and school.

Prevention Education Programs

We provide specialized services to improve students’ behavioral, academic, social, and mental development. Our school programs are geared toward helping students develop life skills necessary to achieve self-sufficiency, build healthy and supportive relationships, and be able to increase responsibility and accountability. 


Holistic Elevation understands the importance of education and our collaboration with schools and parents to ensure students’ academic development. We offer a variety of in-school programs to meet the specific needs of the school. Our program offerings might include:


Remedial Education and Academic Enrichment Learning Programs:

  • Mentoring Programs 

  • Recreational Activities: Arts and Crafts

  • Prevention Education Program

  • High School Senior Scholarship Program

  • In school alternative to suspension and expulsion program

  • YouthGEARUP: Two weeks of at-risk youth academic program

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