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Educational & Professional Training

Holistic Elevation is committed to continual personal and professional development to support you in your work in human service field. The influence you have on others cannot be overstated or outdated. Sustainable trainings should be adaptable, innovative and strategic to fidelity. Our services train and educate parents, educators and professional through the strategic strengthening of knowledge, competency, and skills required for effective work with students, their families, and communities.


Trainings are designed for: Individuals and organizations interacting with students, mental & behavioral health clients, and at-risk communities. Parents, Teachers, schools, other educational organizations, government, non-profits, and mental health organizations.Such as Mental Health Providers, Master's Degree Clinical Students, Human Service Entry Level Providers, Intermediate and Advance Level Mental Health Professionals. 



Training & Workshop Samples


  • Intake information gathering & Processing to prevent misdiagnosis

  • Provisional Diagnosis

  • Assessments

  • Theories & Intervention

  • Ethics & Personal Bias

  • Supervision and Consultation

  • DSM-5



  • Cultural Inclusion Training

  • Uncovering Youth Potentials

  • Justice Through Equity

  • Rebuilding Culture, Changing History

  • Understanding Teen Challenges

  • Conflict Resolution 

  • Sexual Harassment and Social Practices that Influence "isms"

  • Offering Companionship to victims of Domestic Violence

  • Offering Companionship to student victims of bullying and abuse

  • Setting Clear Educative Boundaries

  • Importance of Volunteerism

  • Workplace Sensitivity

  • Empowering and Engaging Parents

  • Changing the Tone from Shaming and Blaming to Naming

  • School Reformation through Restorative Justice

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