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Sensory And Aromatherapy Setting

Our environment creates a therapeutic and welcoming sense to our clients and their families. Holistic Elevation is created using sensory awareness for clients with various challenges, learning disabilities, and triggers. Our environment is our first step in applying sensitivity to our clients.


Main Office/ Waiting Area: 

The main office entrance creates an aromatherapy feel mixed with mental spa and optical relaxation feel.


Therapeutic In-Office Library.

Hall of Fame: 

Counseling Suite HallWay has a wonderful and welcoming “Hall of Fame” as a reminder that personal growth is a ripple effect of societal change, and that individual challenges and trauma are the fighting force for changes regarding social determinants. 


Therapeutic Unity Room: 

Is a Human Anatomy Room that focuses on the integration of our medical & Mental health; and the impact of our heart and brain.

Therapeutic Beach Room: 
Create a sense of relaxation, inner peace and calm


Therapeutic Forest Room

Creates a sense and feel of outdoors, freedom, and openness.

Therapeutic Legacy Room: 

The Legacy is designed with superheroes as a guide to teach clients the importance of accepting their traumatic event and strengthening their voice to become their own storyteller of their story.

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